Nexen has the best rate in the market
The smartcontracts are built to always offer the highest rate in the industry.
Lenders rate: 8%
Lenders rate: 5,57%
Lenders rate: 7,7%

The easiest way to lend Crypto

By being a lender, offer your loans and earn important interests. If you are a Borrower get fast money, without selling your crypto assets. Repayment is ensured by an overcollateralization.

  • 1 Connect your wallet
  • 2 Deposit DAI or ETH
  • 3 Create or match a loan
  • 4 Confirm

Nexen Token

The NXN Token is here. Governance and more benefits for the community and holders.
Created by Nexen, for you.

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Safe and fast way to manage your Crypto

Don’t worry about any delays or small letters. No hidden feeds. Borrow, earn interests, exchange your fiat, crypto or stablecoins from any part of the world.

  • You can control all your movements with Metamask.
  • All the exchanges are powered by smart contracts.
  • Get competitive rates.
  • Easy and clear to understand. No small letter.
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Secure transaction in a easy way

Nexen is made to offer trustless Crypto transactions. Easily you can create your request, or match with an existing one. These are Nexen Values.

No hidden fees

Feel free to lend or borrow your cryptoassets, without being afraid of any surprising fees.

Competitive rates

Get rates that are worthy for your transaction. Fair numbers for lenders and borrowers.

Built with smart contracts

Everything is decentralized. Nexen works with smart contracts to make everything trustless.

How are the payments guaranteed?

Nexen is a Decentralized Financial System. It means it is built with smart contracts without any intermediary. Nexen makes P2P cryptocurrency transactions, which guarantees transparent and trusstines exchanges all over the world. At the same time, Nexen has overcollateralization that ensures full repayment on time. Thanks to this you can start Earning Interests, or Get a Loan 100% safely.

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